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Thursday, May 7, 2009


it's begun. i can sleep till the 12th, then more no sleep.

england awaits.

there are so many apprehensions but at the same time so many incentives. i just hope i put my two bits in and get out before the fold.

i dreamed of my next subject to represent through mixed media. the ways in which the mind triggers events could be considered nothing short of miraculous. i feel the itch to photograph but i want to save energy for london. got some kodachrome from jose, keeping it till england. there are so many questions lined up to ask myself but i don't think i'm willing to answer any right now. all i can think of is my bed and depositing time into it.

i've seen friends make lists to keep things straight so here goes, my first one:

- call bank so my card doesn't get shafted overseas
- refrigerate kodachrome
- pack
- finish lamp club effects/ video
- founder's day/ film stock up in nashville
- ponder mental state
- ponder other mental states
- stop thinking like an existentialist so i can get excited about things again
- pack
- clothes run for london
- earn money
- go.

we'll see. the prestige is a badass movie. we'll see.

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