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Friday, August 7, 2009

while i listen to animal collective, collectively containing all my thoughts over this summer of 09, i realize i'm not as reflective as i believe i am. i just feel the feelings i felt then by the subtle little stabs of the past. i can't blame them or anyone for feeling that way because that's the way they happened. i'm learning it's bad to look back, what will the past get me but being absorbed in myself? i'm done with that.

but if you DO take a look at the past, it often should be different, or at least we think it should.

this post will help me let go of the reasons to look back; it's nice to have a place to dump thoughts

summer (+):
got in a show
went to england
shot large in england
shot large slide in england
made a video from footage taken in england
blogged with jourdan
re-united lamp club
spent more time outside
grew my hair past six inches
learned more in women to avoid
learned more in women to love
learned to live without music and appreciate how unique what i listen to is
fixed, cut, and cleaned everything
strummed my guitar on a lazy day
relearned science; it's more beautiful and articulate than i ever imagined
read a book to make my ass literate, cheeks and all
appreciate what men do for livings
found out more of what i want in life
started climb into adulthood
sampled beers
passed a class with a avreg
got fat in georgia
tripped up to nashville

summer (-):
like always, no s/o
broken ipod
lost a friend
didn't get out and shoot as much
didn't roadtrip nearly enough
got into funks

forty years ago people were having the best summer of their lives in 1969, and i think i had mine this anniversary.

this may be the last real summer for the rest of my life.

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